Saturday, September 6, 2014

OSMO - Kindergarten Technology

Technology is a huge part of our kiddos world and a great motivator in the classroom. It's part of their culture, and instantly increases engagement. After securing an iPad through Donor's Choose and an interactive projector, I found this nugget of amazingness! It makes the iPad even more interactive by providing direct feedback with regular manipulatives.

The app I'm most interested in using with this is the Tangram App and the Words App. In the Tangram app, kindergarteners make the shapes on the screen from wooden tangram pieces. The camera attachment (OSMO) detects whether the shape was built correctly and "dings." I'm amazed!

The Words App allows children to build words either competitively or cooperatively. This is advanced for many of my kindergartners, but would be great for many of my quick learners toward the middle and end of the year.

From now until September 9th, the package of three games, with manipulatives and the OSMO are 50% off! Please click this LINK, so I can receive credit from your purchase. Why do this? Well, why not? If I'm purchasing it for my classroom, I might as well earn back some of the money I just spent :)

Click the Video below to see a preview of this amazing product. I just purchased mine today and can't wait to share it with my kindergartners!

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