Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sugarland Board Game Printable Freebie!

Games are kinda my "thing." In third grade, I created a board game for our science fair and won. The teacher next-door was so impressed that she purchased it and still uses it in her third grade classroom. It's no wonder that games are so fun for me; however, what I've noticed is that although times change, kids are not as different as we may think they are. Children are super engaged when it comes to games. It's a great way to have children's engagement levels go up and learning rise, while maintaining an element of fun.

Use this Sugarland Board Game printable to engage your kiddos over the summer! I've included some kindergarten-friendly recording sheets, but you can easily create your own to suit your own needs. The boardgame is K-6 appropriate; however, my sister, who's 26 wants to play, too! So, I won't limit the board game to primary students :)

To obtain the freebie, click HERE.

Carnival Themed Bulletin Board Printable Freebie

Use the carnival-themed bulletin board printable to decorate your classroom. I used it outside my door, and put all the kiddo's names on the individual snack-food characters. It was a huge hit and lasted all year long.

Characters come in black and white and color. I glued googly eyes on the characters and popsicle sticks after printing the characters on colored copy-paper.

Hope you enjoy and please don't forget to leave feedback!

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