Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Handwriting Help - Editable PDF

Well, in our school district, we started kindergarten yesterday! We meet with all of our parents for the first week (3 days of school) and then we start for a full day and go for an entire week. We had some tears, many laughs and some sleepy ones :) BUT, I hope they all left today and yesterday feeling like kindergarten is their place to be and a great place to meet and make friends! I think we ended well - we ended by playing with play-doh. I think this always ends a day well - whether you're in kindergarten or a kindergarten teacher!

One of the ways I make the first days easier in kindergarten, is having their names written out and ready to go on their tables. It takes me forever to write all their names in highlighter, and so I created this editable PDF that has the font embedded. All I have to do is type out each name once in this editable PDF, save the document, print once and file. There's enough for 30 different students. I print this double-sided with coloring sheets. This way, I also don't have to determine who owns which coloring sheet! It's already there, and kids can practice writing their name. This is so important when most kindergarteners can't write their name. Some don't know their ABCs, or the sounds either. That's okay! We're here to teach them that. CLICK HERE to download what I use as a time-saving resource! No more writing out in highlighter (if you don't want to!) There's also a rubric for BONUS!


Happy planning!


  1. Hi Mandy! I love this idea. Thanks for the download. One question though, do I need to have a certain font on my computer to view it the way your examples show? The instant editing worked but the name is just listed a few times. However, the dotted lines and boxes don't seem to show up. Thanks for your help and time!

  2. Hi, K-Teach! Nope, you do not need a specific font on your computer. - Perhaps you need to upload a more recent version of acrobat or adobe reader? Try that first, and if that doesn't work, I'll troubleshoot with you!

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