Thursday, October 23, 2014

How do Dinosaurs Go to School FREEBIE

Hello, All:

I'm at home sick and between WAKids (kindergarten state assessment) organization and data entry, I decided to upload some fun stuff. So here is my kindergarten-friendly "How do Dinosaurs Go to School?" art craft printable freebie.

Making art crafts has become a real hobby of mine. With all the assessments we have, and the paper-driven curriculum, I find it necessary to reinvent and differentiate materials with an element of fun and purpose-driven materials.

My children thrive on arts and crafts, and art is really the heart of teaching - we engage children through their imagination and this is my goal as a kindergarten teacher.

I hope you enjoy it. I'm off to bed again :)

You can download the FREEBIE HERE.
Find More Crafts HERE.

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